Voices & Visions
Voice & Visions: Empower[ME]nt Through Art
Exhibit Dates:  September 10-October 28
This exhibit created in collaboration with Turning Points Network (TPN) features artwork themed on empowerment and all stages of healing, growth, overcoming & striving to become our best, healthiest selves. Turning Points Network is an organization dedicated to preventing violence, promoting respect and strengthening lives in Sullivan County; their focus is on domestic and sexual violence (turningpointsnetwork.org).

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SCHOLARSHIPS   *Please inquire if a full or partial scholarship is needed to attend any of these opportunities.    603.863.3040 or email  info[at]libraryartscenter][dot]org

Thursday, September 29, 7pm
FREE and open to all.
Come to listen or share a poem on the theme of empowerment.
Featured Regional Poets Dianalee Velie and Betsy Snider will share their poems.
Light refreshments will be served.

Saturday, October 1, 7pm
FREE and open to all
This group of flute players will be offering a concert in the gallery surrounded by the exhibit Voices & Visions:  Empowerment Through Art, as they share their “voices” through their music.

Workshop Leaders:
Julie Corey                            Kathy Lowe
thevillagedrum.org      kathylowemusic.com
Sunday, October 9th, 2-5pm
Ages 14 and up – $20 workshop fee *
No drumming experience required.
Hot melt glue and hammer, nails, wire, are tools in this workshop.    In this workshop we will experience the entraining effects of drumming together in a circle.  From this rhythmic bond, we will invite the sharing of each other’s stories. From these stories, we will cooperatively create an art sculpture from the array of objects and art materials in the middle of our circle. The sculpture we create will be on display in the Library Arts Center. Each participant will take home a beaded string inspired by the collective stories heard in the circle.

with    Peggo Hodes                       Kathy Lowe
vibrantvoice.com        kathylowemusic.com
Friday, October 14th 7pm – FREE
Join us for a mindful repertoire of original and traditional songs from deep places of heart, spirit, soul, love, and nature. As we all sing together, young and old, the comfort of loving resonance offers a shared collective empowerment. This evening of song is accompanied by poetry and the playful experimentation of voices & vision.     Kathy and Peggo are both singer/songwriters, coral directors, performing/recording   artists and Sound Revealers.

Kelly Rochford, Board Certified & State Licensed Massage Therapist, and owner of Wellness Within Massage Therapy, LLC
October 4th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
FREE , but please pre-register as enrollment is limited to 20 people
As we begin a new school year and the colors of fall bless us, let’s connect with the RAINBOW OF COLORS that live within each of us.  Kelly will begin with a brief discussion about the chakra    energy centers then teach the group in a chakra balancing exercise for a take-home self-healing tool.  Following the chakra balancing exercise, participants will create color collages while listening to chakra balancing music.  This will be a time to     relax and recharge as we reconnect with color’s healing presence inside and out.”

Instructor:  Patricia Wild
Saturday, October 8, 1-3pm
Tuition:  $38 (max. 10 students)*
Everyone is born with the impulse to make images; it’s an integral part of our human-ness, and a rich part of our human heritage. You’re      artistic impulse and inner imagery is as unique to you as your fingerprints. In this workshop we will use guided visualization, meditation, and other exercises to access, explore, and express your inner imagery. You will also learn techniques for “dialoging” with your images to discover what wisdom they hold for you as you create and keep a journal of your true Self.

THE HEALING POWER OF SOUNDhealing-power-of-sound
Saturday, October 15th — 3-6pm
with Kathy Lowe and Peggo Hodes
$25  Fee*
In this workshop we will explore how to use sound for healing ourselves as well as for healing others. Since all cells vibrate, we can use sound to pro-actively change our state of consciousness. Sound can be used to promote wellness, relaxation, balance, stress reduction, and clarity. Using drums, Tibetan crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and our voices, we will artfully engage in sound to empower ourselves with intention for alignment in our worlds.

AMPLIFIED ARTS, and organizer Shelly Hudson will bring a story slam/Moth type of storytelling event to the Arts Center gallery on Oct 28  for the closing night festivities for the exhibit! Do you have stories themed around empowerment and all stages of healing, growth, overcoming & striving to become our best, healthiest selves?  You are invited to come to our “pitch night” which will be on Wednesday October 6th 5-6:30pm (location TBA) and tell us your story. We are looking for 10 stories with a focus on teens but not limited to. If your story is selected, we will host two coaching sessions before you take the stage on October  28th in front of a live audience! Email for more info!  amplifiedartsnh@gmail.com


SCHOLARSHIPS   *Please inquire if a full or partial scholarship is needed to attend any of these opportunities.    603.863.3040 or email  info[at]libraryartscenter][dot]org