The 2018 Peeps Diorama Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

See a link to our Facebook Page with photos of the winning dioramas HERE.

BEST IN PEEPS – “Library Arts Center Peeps Diorama Contest” – by Lee Carey, Grantham, NH

Library Arts Center Peeps Diorama Contest - by Lee Carey, Grantham

THE PEEP-LES CHOICE AWARD – “Peeps on Newport Beach” by Susanne Stillson-Strong, New London, NH

Peeps on the Beach by Susanne Stillson-Strong

Adult Category

  • 1st – “Sargent Peepers Lonely Hearts Club Band  – by Pam LaFountain, Newport, NH
  • 2nd – “Sunday in the Park with Peeps”– by Mal McLaughlin, Sunapee, NH
  • “Peep-iotic Table” – by Kait Armstrong, Andover, NH


“Bunnies Peeping on the Goshen Knitwit Chicks” by the Goshen Knit-Wits, Goshen, NH—Dottie Bennett, Becky Luppold, Mona Labrie, Janet O’Brien, Pat Proctor, Joanne Chilson, Jan Parmalee, Karen Winterholer, Jane Galpin, Susan Carrick, Elaine Bevilacqua, and Bea Jillette

“Peeps on Newport Beach” – by Susanne Stillson-Strong, New London, NH

Teen Category Winner:

“Conspiracy Peeps: Did we, or did we not Peep on the Moon?” by Victoria Burroughs & Kaitlin Carrol, Newport, NH

Family/Group Category

  • 1st – “Peep Pride Parade” – by the Claremont Middle School Rainbow Confetti Group, Claremont, NH
  • 2nd – “The Dream Peeps: Your one stop to a sweet wedding”– by Hailey Chase & Family, Newport, NH
  • 3rd – “Drumming Peeps—by Jackie Parker, Washington, NH & Caitlyn Gregory, Newport, NH


Children’s Category

  • 1st – “Fashion-ability – by Griffin George, Newport, NH
  • 2nd – “Finding Peep-Mo” – by Audrey Wenger, New London, NH, Claire Jackson & Maia Dow, New London, NH
  • 3rd – “Mr. Peep’s Disastrous Farm” – by Melody Heacock & Emry Hooper, Newport, NH


“I Heart Rainbow “Peep” Emojis” – by Anne & Emily Killinger, Barnstead, NH

“Take a Peep at the Seal Exhibit”—Elsa Mauser Rowe, Sunapee, NH

“Peep-ster Rabbit in Mr. McGregor’s Garden on an Easter Egg Hunt” by Gavin Emerson, Swanzey, NH

“Peep-corn” by Rachel Golubiewski, Sunapee, NH


Hannah Barrett, Elaine Frank, Nancy Graham,Chris Scott, Sophie Schissel, and Andy Decola