Apple Pie Crafts FairAPPLE PIE CRAFTS FAIR 2019

Booth assignments cannot be changed. 
Thank you for your understanding.

See important info for crafters below the booth assignments.
*Please note that the layout and numbering of the Common has changed this year.

Thank you for being a part of this year’s Fair!  We have been busy preparing for and advertising the Fair, and we are excited to see what the day will bring.  With over 140 booths in 2019, it is sure to be an exciting day!

For a PRINTABLE COPY of the above Vendor Map & Booth Assignments above, click here: Vendor Map for 2019 – printable+ Important Info for Vendors

Apple Pie Crafts Fair 2019 VENDOR INFORMATION

The Apple Pie Crafts Fair is this Saturday, Aug. 24th! We’re so excited for our 46th year, and we look forward to everything going smoothly. Here is a list of new details and reminders that will hopefully answer any questions about participating in our fair.
IF FOR SOME REASON YOU ARE NO LONGER PLANNING ON ATTENDING THIS YEAR’S FAIR, PLEASE EMAIL US AT to let us know, or call Fran at 603.277.0085.  We have a long waiting list this year, so we are hoping to accommodate some of those vendors if there are cancellations.
Booth Assignments
Please note that booth assignments will be posted on our website (www.libraryartscenter.orgTHIS Friday, Aug. 23 by 6:00pm.  You will also receive an additional email with the link to the booth assignments this Friday. As always, please note that booth assignments cannot be changed.  Thank you for your understanding.  (A physical map and booth assignments will also be posted at the gazebo on the Common.)
Arrival/Set up
You may arrive to begin setting up your booth any time between 6:00am -8:00am.  When you arrive, there will be paint outlines in the grass on the Common and number designations. You may drive onto your spot to unload your items, but after unloading, please park at the Newport Rec Center for the duration of the fair. Please be aware that over 130 crafters will be setting up, so be careful and courteous if you drive on the grass! There will be volunteers in red aprons at the gazebo handing out info, collecting donation pies, and answering questions.  The fair starts at 9:00am, so please be set up and ready by then.
No parking is allowed around the Common during the Fair.  Parking for vendors is located just down the road at 65 Belknap Ave, at the Newport Recreation Center. No exceptions will be made.  There will be a shuttle to bring you to back to the common as well as one to bring you back to your car at the end of the day.  The Rec is less than ¼ mile from the common.  No crafter/vendor may park around the Common or in adjoining lots, as these spots are reserved for Fair patrons.  We are making a big effort this year to open more parking to increase opportunities for shoppers to easily find a spot and come shop! The route to the Rec Center will be clearly marked. There will be someone there to check you in.
If you checked the box for electricity needs, please be sure to bring several extension cords and other equipment you need.  We will do our best to place you close to an electrical outlet, however, we recommend bringing a cord to ensure that you can safely reach the closest outlet from your booth.
If you checked the donation box on your registration form, please don’t forget to bake an apple pie! Plan to drop off your pie at “pie headquarters” in the center of the common once the tables are up.   If you didn’t check the box and would like to donate, simply bring one when you arrive on Saturday!
Think your pie is the best? Enter it into the Apple Pie Contest on Saturday morning! There is only room for twelve pies in the competition, so first come, first serve. First, second, and third place winners will receive prizes and bragging rights, and the winning pies will be sold. Judging will be held at 11:00am. One pie per household.
After The Fair
The fair ends at 3:00pm, so please do not break down your booths before that time. Make sure to clean your space well – there will be trash cans available, and a dumpster.  Taking down your booth even 5 or 10 minutes early is not respectful to patrons or fellow crafters, and is not permitted.
There is a Farm-to-Table Dinner being held at The Old Courthouse Restaurant to benefit the Library Arts Center, and you are welcome to attend! Tickets are $35 per person, and include a locally sourced Buffet Dinner at 6:00pm. Tickets and more information are available on our website,, and at the Library Arts Center.

COFFEE/PASTRIES – Complimentary coffee and pastries are provided for registered crafters/vendors free of charge at the gazebo/bandstand at the South end of the Common beginning at 7am and closing at 8:45am before the Fair begins.   Our volunteer bakers are providing this to you to kick off the Fair with a fun start to this great day – enjoy!  Coffee will start brewing early but will not be ready until around 7/7:15 and will all be packed up by 8:45 am.

WHAT TO BRING – The Library Arts Center will provide your booth space.  You are responsible for bringing your own tables, table coverings, chairs, tents, etc.  We highly recommend bringing a tent for shade, and for cover in case of rain.

RESTROOM FACILITIES – Port-o-Potties, including handicap accessible units will be located both at the North End and South End of the Common.

REFUNDS – Refunds will not be given after August 15 for any reason.  As the Fair is held rain or shine, refunds will not be given in the event of inclement weather.

SMOKING – Is not allowed on or around the Town Common where the fair is held, please note this if you smoke.  Please be respectful of this rule.


LIVE MUSIC – There is a full schedule of live music from the gazebo throughout the day

APPLE PIE CONTEST – The community favorite Apple Pie Contest will take place at the big striped Library Arts Center tent at 11:00am.

APPLE PIE SALE — Pies will be sold to benefit the Library Arts Center at the large tent located at the center of the Common from 9:00am until pies are sold out.  If you indicated on your registration form that you would like to donate a pie, we thank you!  Please drop off your pie at the big tent in the morning.

APPLE DISHES A LA MODE — Craving an apple treat with ice cream during the day?  A la mode desserts are available at our Apple Cafe in the big red and white tent!

Thank you for your participation, and we will see you on Saturday!