Rabbit Scavenger Hunt!

presented by the Library Arts Center


1)  Find the Rabbits!  Go on a hunt to find the 10 rabbits hiding all around downtown Newport!  Travel around town by car or by foot, and go at your own pace.  The Giant Inflatable Rabbits will be in destinations all around town on Sat. Apr. 3 and Sun. Apr. 4 during Easter Weekend.

The contest is open to families, children, and adults of all ages!

2)  Name the Rabbits!  Show us that you have completed the hunt by filling out the online form below with the NAMES of all 9 rabbits (Names of rabbits may be found on their “nametags”) & the name of Destination #10.

3) Prizes!  The first 24 people to successfully name all of the rabbits will win artful prize at the last stop on the hunt.  *while supplies last

GRAND PRIZE!  ALL of the entrants with the correct rabbit names will be entered into a drawing to win $100!  


Here are your instructions & Clues below:

Rabbits have hopped all over town,

collect for us their names and write them all down. 

Find carrots with clues to compile on the way,

to find out the place of the final destination this fine day!

Enter the rabbit names on our website

and you’ll be entered to win $100–that’s right!

First 25 to find the final location

Will find a special prize for their speed at this sport

All who find that final destination

Will get to do chalk art,

So let’s hope it is sunny!

Easter’s coming!  Its already here!

What a happy hopeful day!

Time to celebrate, time to cheer,

And sing as you go on your way!


Look for carrots and for bunnies

Hiding around the town,

You may think it’s kind of funny,

But it is true; they do abound!


You may walk or you may ride

All in Newport shire.

Perhaps in windows or outside,

Listen to the clues you hear


In all the little rhymes and clues

You’ll get hints as to where to go.

There are prizes , yes it’s true,

So hurry and don’t be slow!

Rabbit Scavenger Hunt

Clue #1:

Go to the place that we all know
As Our Hometown Bank!
Where we save and borrow low.
It has the highest rank!

Walk around the outside,
Looking everywhere.
You will see a bunny’s backside
Almost hidden there!

Clue #2:

Newport has a lovely prize,
A green place for us all,
To gather when our needs arise
To use in  summer or in fall,

In spring or winter too
And at one end there is a place
Where concerts sing out true,
A rabbit waits there to play and to race!

Clue #3:

A wonderful surprise popped up
Suddenly one day,
A place where children right nearby
Could run and climb and play!

The Town of Newport put it there
At an end of town
Where there was no structure just for them
And now children playing there abound!

**Rabbit #3 hopped away… his name is Salvador.

Clue #4:

Pretty much from everywhere
You can see a tall steeple,
Atop a brick building there,
A place for all people 

Find a bunny hiding near a step
You’ll see her there in full sight
Can’t find her yet?
Look where she fits tight!


Clue #5:

Ask your grandparents if they recall a place
Where people stayed the night.
At one time it was an elegant space
And a theater with marquee bright. 

Now the buildings are all gone,
It is now a flat paved space,
Here you will find a rabbit waiting for you to play along,
Tucked by gardens and trees, right off this Main Street parking place

Clue #6:

There’s a beautiful church made out of rock
You will see as you round the green.
Trim is red and a story walk
That walking by you may have seen.

Go to the front door 
And look around there
You’ll see your bunny 
Tucked in pretty and fair!

Clue #7:

A place where many children go
In summer and after school
To run and play and go to show
Their good sportsmanship! So cool! 

Boot camp and pickup ball
There can be found, kids aren’t
The only ones to benefit from sport’s call.

There you will find a rabbit tucked in
On the edge of the wall
Its hide and seek game it might win!
Look oh-so-carefully and its name you can call!

Clue #8:

There is a new business on Main Street,
Its location all fancy and new,
Where anyone who has been injured
Can get help there to renew! 

Professionals teach people to move muscles around
Tucked in the front window, a rabbit is resting,
After a workout and treatment when injury was found
After jumping and hoping in pre-Easter festing!

Clue #9:

If you go to a concert or a play
You’ll find the best place around
Where lots of people enter and say
How lucky to have this right in town. 

There are two ways to get into this gem of a place
You could go up steps or up a ramp to get inside,
One in the back and one on its face.
Try the back stage door to find where bunny hides!


Clue #10:

The Carrots you find at the other destinations will give you clues to guide you to the final destination!

Did you

Find all the Rabbits?

Entry Form

Find the names of the rabbits around town, and enter for a chance to win a $100 cash prize! *Rabbit names may be listed in any order.
*Note: There is NO RABBIT at location #10--just tell us the name of the final location. 🙂
* Rabbit winners will be notified via email on Tues. Apr. 6th, and rabbits will be held for 24 hours before the new winners are drawn.
The Arts Center will only use your address for the purpose of the contest, and we will never share your information. Grand Prize winner will be notified via email on Tues. Apr. 6th.
Check all that apply.

Rabbit Scavenger Hunt
Prizes + Grand Prize!

The first 24 participants to finish the Scavenger Hunt will have a fun prize waiting for them at the final destination.

The contest Grand Prize is a $100 cash prize! (wow!)  Everyone who provides all of the correct rabbit names to the entry form on this page will be entered into a drawing to win the $$$.  The winner will be drawn and notified by the Library Arts Center on Tuesday, April 6th.

*   Rabbits may be entered on the entry form in ANY order.
**  One entry per person, please.


Thank You!

to Kathy Niboli for her creativity in developing the scavenger hunt clues

* to Max & Annabelle Huot for coming up with creative names for the rabbits

* to our wonderful area businesses for willing to “hang out” with the adorable rabbits

The Library Arts Center is grateful to you all!

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