Enter the FULLY DIGITAL! 2020 Peeps Diorama Contest at the Library Arts Center in Newport, NH

The 9th Annual – New Hampshire’s Original Peeps Competition!

Things are looking a little different in the world this year, but we are still coming together to make a version of this fun, springtime tradition!  The Library Arts Center is pleased to present an online, digital version this light-hearted, creative contest using the iconic Easter Candies: PEEPS!  Community members of all ages are encouraged to enter.  While our contest is meant to serve our immediate region of Newport, surrounding communities, and New Hampshire and Vermont, we will have a special category for entries from anywhere.  We welcome you to get creative!  And we can’t wait to share your creative work to bring much-needed light and levity during this tremendous time of uncertainty.

You still have plenty of time to enter your diorama before the contest deadline of Thursday, April 9th, but the most important thing is to GET BUILDING those dioramas!  Challenge yourself to use what you can find in your own home.   

Don’t have any Peeps yet?    Shop locally when possible, but also consider purchasing online to maintain social distancing.  Peeps are available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Need some Peeps?  Here are some options for purchasing Peeps online:


No Entry Fee – FREE & Open to All

Entry Deadline: Thurs. Apr. 9th at 4:00pm

There will be no physical entries this year, in order to keep our community safe, so you will be submitting your entry form and a photo of your diorama online.   Enter your diorama online at the link below!

We are doing away with many of the rules for the contest this year, particularly the size limitation, because we have plenty of room online–haha!  But do keep in mind that you will need to photograph your diorama to have it featured in the contest and for our judges to be able to see things clearly, so consider that “bigger” may not be better this year. 

The only rule: we ask that the main characters in your dioramas are Peeps!

To ensure that all can enjoy, please also keep your entries family-friendly.

Need some inspiration?

Do a Google search for “Peeps Diorama” for a multitude of ideas, or scroll through the many creative dioramas from the Library Arts Center’s contest from past years in the digital gallery at the bottom of this page.  This will help to get your creative juices flowing, but keep in mind that we LOVE original ideas, and discourage recreating carbon copies of the creative work of others.  Take cues from history, current events, pop culture, politics, trends, art & more!  We particularly enjoy entries that have a creative play on the word “peep”.  

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

a) a creative & original concept 

b) creative use of and/or manipulation of peeps 

c) artful design.


1) Use the simple submission form at this link HERE!

2) Email us your NAME, DIORAMA TITLE, HOMETOWN, & an image of your diorama at PeepsDioramaContestLAC@gmail.com

3) Post a photo of your diorama on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag: #PeepsDioramasLAC and we will pull your submissions into the online gallery.

Check out a gallery of past dioramas from the Library Arts Center competition in the gallery below: