Newport Heritage Mural Reproduction

Preserving the "Train Mural" on Newport's Historic Johnson Block

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See more information about the history of this treasured community art piece, and its present-day restoration, and learn more about the history of each of the Newport landmarks depicted in the mural.

More information about the history of each of the landmarks coming soon! 

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Is this a Mural Restoration or a Reproduction?

Many have asked if this project is considered a “restoration” or “reproduction”.  As the original mural is literally falling off the building in pieces, and many of the original panels are damaged beyond repair, it is impossible to restore the mural in a way that would allow for greater longevity.  Therefore, a full-scale reproduction of the mural is being initiated.

The reproduction effort will honor the landmarks, character, and palette of the original mural, while also allowing for small changes that will help to enhance the mural artistically–such as aligning the perspective of various buildings and creating more striking contrast between various elements.

“The Arts build community, and the time has come to preserve this community treasure!  It is through partnership between entities and community engagement in the Arts that we will re-create this community heritage mural to be enjoyed by generations to come.”

Kate N. Luppold
Executive Director, Library Arts Center

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