Artist Resource Page


Information for ARTISTS who exhibit work at the Library Arts Center: 

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Show Guidelines:

Typically at the Arts Center, with few exceptions, exhibits feature recent works of art, created by artists within the past two years, and that have not been previously shown at the Library Arts Center.

The Library Arts Center will provide inventory forms for each artist to sign at drop off; some details on that form are listed below.

  • All pieces on exhibit are expected to remain on display for the duration of the exhibit.   Per Library Arts Center policy, artwork is not to be taken out of the gallery early by the artist, or by a purchaser.
  • Each piece displayed in the gallery is insured by LAC insurance for 70% of its sale value up to $2,500.  Pieces that exceed this value will only be insured up to $2,500 in value.
  • Artwork is assumed to be “for sale” unless otherwise indicated by “NFS” on exhibit paperwork.  Prices are set by artists, and should include the 30% commission to the Library Arts Center.  Artists will be paid for sold works at the end of the exhibit.

What does “Exhibition Ready” Mean?

Works included in Arts Center exhibits are expected to arrive at the gallery “exhibition ready.”

**Each piece should be clearly labeled on the back or bottom with artist name and piece name.**

* Works to hang on the wall should be gallery ready to hang.  This means the works should be either professionally framed, or framed by the artist with frames that look of professional quality and are not scratched or damaged.  If a wall piece is unframed, it should be in a way that is finished and intentional to the piece with clean, professional edges.  Hooks and wires strong enough to support the piece should be securely fastened to the back of each piece.  Wires should be tight enough, and far enough from the top of the frame that the nail and picture hanger will not be visible once the piece is hung.  The gallery supplies all nails and picture hangers. “Saw tooth” and “tab” hangers are discouraged for gallery use.

* For three dimensional wall pieces, artists are asked to provide a safe, secure and professional looking means to install the piece along with simple clear instructions on how the piece should be secured to the wall.

* Sculpture should come ready to display.  For pieces that do not display on the floor, the Library Arts Center has a small selection of pedestals for gallery use.  Sculptors are asked to send piece dimensions to the gallery in advance of drop off if possible so we can ensure we have a properly sized pedestal for each piece.