About the Library Arts Center

The Library Arts Center is a creative gathering space where friends, family, neighbors and visitors can connect and share in a celebration of artistic inspiration, creative vision, and community spirit—in the true sense of “community arts.”   Founded in 1967, the Library Arts Center is a non-profit arts center, gallery and studio located in the heart of downtown Newport, NH.

In the past 50 years, the Center has grown from a small gallery space in a former rustic carriage house to a thriving center in the region that offers a tremendous number of exhibitions, performances, classes and workshops annually. It attracts artists from both inside and outside the region—and features artwork that is both beautiful & accessible, as well as art that pushes creative boundaries.

The Center enriches the cultural, economic and social vitality of the greater region. The Library Arts Center is an important part of the growing “creative economy” in Newport and surrounding communities. The Center provides a place of excellence for local artists to present their work, and, through creative collaborations with cultural organizations and regional art networks, the Library Arts Center has launched programs that help to drive residents and visitors to Newport’s historic downtown throughout the year.

More than 5,000 residents from the greater region, including children, families, and seniors enjoy Library Arts Center exhibits, performances, and classes. All of the Library Arts Center’s programs are provided at little or no cost. The Library Arts Center currently serves as a presenting venue for approximately 325 artists annually and provides arts education and access for more than 2,500 school-age children in and around Newport.

Library Arts Center Staff

Kate Niboli Luppold

Kate Niboli Luppold

Executive Director

Kate Luppold oversees all aspects of the Library Arts Center’s programs, working directly with artists and instructors to create exceptional arts programming, along with general administration of all aspects of the non-profit.  Since 2008, Kate has been responsible for the planning of all exhibits and studio classes, as well as executing all fundraising for the Center—including a major endowment-building initiative in celebration of the Center’s 50th anniversary in 2017.  She is an active participant in the Arts & Business Alliance in the region, and is currently part of the core team working to develop the Sunapee Region Arts Atlas—an arts and culture asset map of the region.  Kate was selected to participate in a creative cohort from Sullivan County in 2017 to explore and initiate endeavors in Creative Placemaking with the National Association of Counties, and traveled with the group for a national training.   This experience has helped amplify the Arts Center’s continued commitment to Creative Placemaking.  Kate is a native of Newport, and is proud to continue in the director’s position that was once held by her grandmother, Marie Bugbee, continuing the legacy of promoting community arts.  She is a graduate of the BFA program of the University of New Hampshire.


Fran Huot

Fran Huot

Marketing Coordinator

Fran Huot has been on staff at the Library Arts Center since 2008.  From website design, to creation and production of all marketing materials, including show cards and newsletters, she works to make the Arts Center’s programs visible in the greater community. Fran relocated to New Hampshire in 2005, and is a Newport resident passionate about the role the arts play in community vitality and economic development.  She works on several committees, and with the board of directors, to help develop, organize and produce the organization’s programming and fundraisers, and currently works alongside Kate and other members of the core team developing the Sunapee Region Arts Atlas.  She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College.


Library Arts Center Board of Directors

Paul Baird

Debbie Campbell, Vice Chair

Benjamin Cote

Kathryn Hanson

Caitlin Mauser Rowe

Laura Finke McCoy

Nicholas Scalera

Mary Schissel, Secretary

Patti Warren, Chair

Kate Luppold, Executive Director