COVID-19 Update

Navigating new ways to meet our mission during this unprecedented time.

In the interest of public health due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Library Arts Center Gallery & Studio facilities are temporarily closed through September.

The next few months are going to continue to look a little different for the Library Arts Center.  As all our programming encourages social gathering–such as concerts, art openings, art classes, and community events–the board and staff have deemed it unwise for us to open our physical location at this point. 

It’s hard for us to think of not gathering together in the near future,  as we so passionately believe in the importance of building community through the arts, and we believe now is a time, more than ever, that we need the arts and the sense of community they bring us.   For this reason, during this time that our facility is physically closed, we will continue developing the remote, online programs we have launched in the last few months.

We have been really excited to get creative with our programming by finding ways to quickly reinvent it all to make it work during this unprecedented time. 

We have been thrilled with how receptive our community has been to this new format.  Our annual favorite the Peeps Diorama Contest in April had over 4,000 visits online, our first digital concert had over 500 people watch it online, our first digital community art project had nearly 100 participants creating entries, and over 1000 digital gallery visits on top of all who have enjoyed the pieces created from the digital entries that are on display downtown.  We have had many emails from people who enjoyed our first ever online art exhibit, all of which were encouraging and supportive of this new, temporary format.  We have also been converting much of our online programming into content for our local access TV station—NCTV–to ensure that those with limited online access can still enjoy our programming.

Our online classes have been popular as well.  Looking forward, we are making the summer art camps into free, quick online tutorials for families to enjoy, and all shows in our annual favorite Summer Performances for Kids series will be digital as well.  

Not only will continuing digitally for now allow us to serve our community in meaningful ways while maintaining safety, it is also helping the Library Arts Center sustain through COVID-19 financially.  Much of our funding comes from individual and family donation and membership, local sponsorship, and big fundraisers, all of which will be cancelled, smaller, or at the very least much less predictable for the remainder of the year.  The Board and staff have made the difficult decision to scale back financially for this time to ensure that when the Library Arts Center can safely physically reopen, we can do so in a healthy, sustainable and robust way.  The Library Arts Center is planning on continuing in this way through September.   

This is a strange time.  We miss being together, we miss creating art side by side, but we are realizing that remote, online programming is actually doing really well and offers us ways to creatively meet our mission in this challenging time.  We look forward to the day that it is safe, and financially feasible for us to open for our regular programming, but in the meantime, we hope everyone will join us virtually. 

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Thank you for being a part of our arts community!

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Your donation will allow the Library Arts Center to coninue its mission during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will provide needed support for our online programming and continued operation.  We thank you for your generosity!

Pastel Society of NH

Pastel Society of New Hampshire | 2020 Member Show

Virtual Exhibit | June 19 – August 31

The Library Arts Center is pleased to exhibit recent works from members of the Pastel Society of New Hampshire for their 2020 Member Show.

Click HERE to view the exhibit

Black and White Exhibit - Apr. 17 - May 29, 2020

Virtual Exhibit: Black and White Show

This juried exhibit features artwork of all mediums made in black, white and gray. Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, mixed media etc. are all be represented. The wide array of mediums, styles, and themes are all connected by black and white.  See the online exhibit HERE.

Virtual Concerts

The Arts Center is proud to present our popular Three Bridges Music Series virtually this year.  We have been working with musician Eric McDonald to book fantastic musicians to play via Facebook Live so you can enjoy these concerts from the comfort of home.

Digital Classes for Adults

We have partnered with many of our studio instructors to begin offering classes via the Zoom conferencing platform. 

Find out more about current offerings, and what is being planned for the upcoming months!

Community Arts Projects

The Arts are needed more than ever, and we are continuing our mission by taking the Arts out into our community.  Find out about our recent partnership with the Newport Chamber for the HOPE Community Arts Project, the annual favorite Peeps Diorama Contest, and more.

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