Home Exhibit 2024

Real, or imagined; the places we call Home.

 Library Arts Center 2024

H O M E 

Real, or imagined; the places we call home.

HOME: Real, or imagined, the places we call Home.

Library Arts Center Gallery  |  April 20 – May 29, 2024  

This community group show includes artwork from professional artists, non-professional artists, community members, and youth alike in a variety of mediums.

Exhibiting Artists:

Listed in alphabetical order:

Kim Astles
Deborah Bacon
William Balsam
Carol Belliveau
Rachel Benoit
Mary L. Borowski
Mary Bourdon
Sara Burns
Sara V. Byfield
Kris Carelli
Thia Daniels
Melanie Ditzel
Paula Dorr
Braden Erickson
Jay Fitzpatrick
Jessica Fligg
Paula Fraser
Bill Gallagher
Linda Greenwood
Jill Hacking
Cole Hall
Abigail Hampton
Christine R. Hawkins
Lindsay Holmes
Sue Ann Hum
Paula Johnson
Kathleen Kathan
Thomas W. Kelley
Sara Rae LaMott
Susan Lirakis
Heidi Lorenz
Kathy Lowe
Gloria McDonough
Michelle McElroy
Thomas McHugh
Ernest Montenegro
Victoria Moore
Shawne Morrill Randlett
Ritamarie Moscola
Lucy Mueller
Robert J. O’Brien
Isabella Osgood
Susan Parmenter
Nancy Roy
Donna Sadonsky
Adele Sanborn
Dawn Sanel
Martha Sawyer
Susan Sawyer
Yvonne Shukovsky

Alan Zola Shulman
Melissa Lea Simmons
Amy Smith
Pam Smith
Perry Smith
Paula St. Jean
Kelsey St. James
Jennifer Stark
Heather Stearns
Ann St. Martin Stout
Susan Tuttle
Alison Vernon
Mimi Wiggin
Sasha Wolfe
Greg Young

The Library Arts Center would like to thank our generous corporate sponsors for this exhibit:

MJ Harrington
MJ Harrington

 Library Arts Center 2024

Special thanks to each of our sponsors for this exhibit and their special connection to “Home”. 

Committed to HOME, since 1967

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Today, Summercrest remains locally owned and privately operated in partnership with Steve Gunnerson, Hospital Hill Realty, Grand Senior Living, and Valley Regional Healthcare.


 Library Arts Center 2024

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