Black & White Community Art Exhibit

Library Arts Center | Digital Online Exhibit  | April 17 – May 29, 2020

The Library Arts Center, like so many arts organizations, was disappointed to have to cancel our planned Black and White Exhibit, that was scheduled to open in the Gallery on April 4th.  While we were unable to display pieces within the physical gallery space, we are delighted to present this online exhibit featuring recent works from artists from around the region in NH & VT.  This juried community art exhibit features artwork in a variety of mediums made in black, white and gray.  Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, mixed media etc. are all represented. The wide array of mediums, styles, themes and artists are connected by the distinct thread of black and white.

Many thanks to our Exhibit Sponsors!

The Library Arts Center is grateful to the Dorr Mill Store and Summercrest: A Senior Living Community for their ongoing support.


Featured Work


Juried Artists

Betsy Allen

Jauntessa Ash

Rachel Benoit

Cindy Benson

Dawn Blanchard

Sarah Breisch

Alice Breisch

Jessica Buswell-Linn

Adrienne Camfield

Donna Catanzaro

Connor Clark

Becky Cook

David Cote

Margaret Coulter

Stella Coulter-Duling

Candace Crawford

Elizabeth D’Amico

Sloane Dawson

Meg Dunn

Kristen Fenn

Jeanette Fournier

Mary Gerakaris

Nancy Graham

Peter Granucci

Tiffany Guyett

Jill Hacking

Rick Hearn

Susan Hofstetter

Lindsay Holmes

Paul Howe

Gata Hudson

Mary Iselin

Paula Johnson

Reece Johnson

Sher Kamman

Sally Keating

Rod Keller

Dick Kipperman

Pam LaFountain

Susan Lirakis

Heidi Lorenz

Kathy Lowe

Ku’ulei Marschall

Gillian Martlew

Todd Matte

Abigail McCoy

Gina McCraine

Thomas McHugh

Sumeet Mehta

Dulcey Miller

Elizabeth Moore

Sherri Morris

Charles Norris-Brown

Venita Nudd

Jan Parmalee

Susan Parmenter

Hayley Philbrook

Rebecca Powell

Jenny Power

Wendy Root

Adele Sanborn

Anica Scekic

Yvonne Shukovsky

Gail Smuda

Jean Stimmel

Richard Stockwell

Heather Szczepiorkowski

Carol Van Loon

David Verespy

Shannon Wallis

Joanna White

Mimi Wiggin

Sandra Williams-Crossley


58 N. Main St.
Newport, NH  03773

(603) 863-3040

Open Hours

The Library Arts Center Gallery is currently CLOSED due to COVID-19.  Once our normal hours resume, they will be:

Tues.-Fri. 11am-4pm
Sat. 10am-2pm