The concept of Community Supported Art clearly resonated with our community, and we are thrilled to offer several new series of art work again for the upcoming season. 

Find out more about this year’s artists below and choose from one of two series: 

1) The Land We Love (SOLD OUT)

2) Contemporary Tiles

Find out more about the artists in each series by scrolling down below.

The Library Arts Center’s CSA Program supports local artists, and much like a traditional agricultural C.S.A., gives a share back to the patrons who sow into it.  Purchasing an ArtShare fills your mailbox with a collection of original art pieces once a month for six months

Community Supported Art

What is the Library Arts Center’s community supported art (CSA) Artshare program?

In the spirit of a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), the Library Arts Center is swapping out agriculture for artwork for an innovative CSA (Community Supported Arts) program!  This program originally launched in late 2020 during the pandemic, and we are thrilled to be bringing it back for a second season with a whole new slate of artists.  At its core, the program supports local artists, and recipients of “Art Shares” enjoy having a 4×4 piece of original art mailed to them once a month for six monthsPieces will be mailed out to shareholders once a month from January-June 2022.  A limited number of 50 CSA shares are offered in each series, at a price of $85 per share.

Each CSA share purchased allows the shareholder six pieces of original artwork.  Pieces are mounted on  4×4” lightweight wooden boards, making them ready to hang–and the uniform size and mounting of each piece allows for a distinct display that is easily built upon season by season.  Each month features a different local artist, and each art piece is accompanied by information on that month’s featured artist.  Pieces are mailed out each month via USPS, and sent right to the recipient’s mailbox.   The price of postage is included in each CSA share.

If you are an artist who would like to participate in future CSA offerings, please let us know!  We would be delighted to let you know when we open up our next call for entries.


The Library Arts Center is offering two distinct series this year for the CSA.  Choose from:

1) The Land We Love (SOLD OUT)
2) Contemporary Tiles


(This series is SOLD OUT)

This series features landscapes—from traditional to more contemporary—all with representational landscape features including painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography. 

*Note that the art pieces shown are representative of the artists’ work, yet different than the original pieces being created for this project.


Debra Claffey

New Boston, NH  |  mixed media, monotype, printmaking, collage + encaustic   

Debra Claffey is a visual artist who uses encaustic, oil, and mixed media in her work. She holds a BFA in Painting from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Tufts University and an Associate’s Degree in Horticultural Technology from the University of New Hampshire. In both 2011 and 2020, she received an Artist Entrepreneurial Grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Claffey’s work has won several awards, including the Second Place Award at the Monotype Guild of New England’s Fifth National Monotype Exhibition in May 2018 and the Juror’s Award at the Anything But Flat Exhibition at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill. Claffey is a Past-President of New England Wax, and Past President of the NH Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art.


Debra celebrates the complexity of the natural world and our place in it with paintings—in oil, encaustic, and mixed media—of plants and their foliage. Some are monotypes collaged to panels with paint or beeswax; others are painted directly to paper or panel. Pattern and repetition announce appreciation and anxieties, patches of daylight, and memories of movement. The drawn or carved line is the record of her own perceptive interactions with life on earth.

Debra honors plants: their great age and history on the planet, their intelligence and successful adaptions, their beauty of form, shape, and infinite color. She marvels in our new knowledge of their ways of communication, of making themselves attractive to us and other species, and the trading of “goods and services” that goes on between plants, fungi, bacteria, insects, birds, and even us mammals.   Debra’s experience in horticulture and organic land care has led me to focus in on the plant world and the assaults on the soil, biodiversity of plant species, and the protection of native flora, which is represented in her artwork.


Community Supported Art

Paula Dorr

Grantham, NH   |  pastel, acrylic, + mixed media

Paula Dorr is a pastel painter and a photographer, having retired after 37 years as a cultural art and photography teacher at the Hanover Middle School.   She is constantly observing shapes, textures in colors, light, value, and beautiful, repetitive lines in my environment.  Her vacations take her to unfamiliar places to photograph. These photographs and travels influence her work.  Paula has earned numerous awards for both her paintings and photographs throughout New England.   She has studied with local artists, including Rebecca Gottesman and Aline Ordman, as well as renowned artists Peter Granucci, Robert Carsten, and Frank Federico.  Paula is a member of the Pastel Society of NH, the Vermont Pastel Society, the Library Arts Center in Newport, the AVA Gallery in Lebanon, the Marblehead Art Association in Massachusetts and the Eastman Camera Club in Grantham, NH. 

See more of Paula’s Work.

Gwen Fuller

Grantham, NH  |  watercolor

From early childhood in western Massachusetts the urge to create was insistent for artist Gwen Fuller.  At first exploring on her own, then studying art concepts and fundamentals with many teachers expanding her horizons and honing skills.  Gwen has experimented with many mediums and currently work in oil and watercolor. 

Gwen’s paintings live with their owners in many places around the country and abroad.  Gwen has shown in Key West, Jacksonville, Orange Park, Florida, Newport and Wickford, Rhode Island, northern California, Norfolk, Virginia, and the Upper Valley of New Hampshire.

Gwen lets her work speak for itself and considers it is a result of years of dedication, hard work and great pleasure.  


The urge to create from the end of a brush has always been with me.  Over the years I have studied art concepts and fundamentals with many teachers expanding my horizons and honing skills, and continue to do so.  My desire now is to capture and share the beauty and diversity in life through visual expression inviting the viewer into the experience of the moment.  Creating art is a combination of highs and lows, exhilaration and doubt, very hard work and intense focus as well as pure joy.  My paintings have found wonderful homes all over the country and abroad. 


Paul Howe

Goshen, NH  |  photography

Paul Howe has been photographing most of his life. He first started taking pictures when he received a Polaroid Swinger camera one Christmas when he was eight years old. In Paul’s sophomore year at Kearsarge Regional High School,  he took a course in black and white photography and had his first pictures published in a local newspaper that same year.  With the help from his father, Townsend Howe, a black and white darkroom was set up at home in New London. That summer, he bought his first 35 mm camera and photography has been a part of his life ever since.

In 1980, Paul started shooting pictures to make a living. From 1981 to 1986 Paul was a ski photographer for Waterville Valley.  In 1987 Paul started working for the Argus Champion newspaper and  worked as a freelance photographer at the paper until 2006. Paul still covers area news events as a freelance photographer photographing Intertown Record and the Eagle Times.  Paul also has had his photos published in many publications.    Along the way, Paul Howe has photographed many weddings, events and portraits of local people and families.

Paul has done publicity photos for the New London Barn Players, the Newport Opera, and U.S. Senator Sununu and Forbes campaigns.  Paul has received awards for his photography including Community Journalism from the New Hampshire Press Association,  Kearsarge Athletic Service Award in 2005 from Kearsarge Regional High School,  and the 2013 Newport Area Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Citizen of the Year Award.


A photographer for close to 40 years I have always tried to capture those fleeting moments in time. Whether photographing the fading light of a winter afternoon, stopping the action at the peak moment in a sports image, or the morning dew on a blade of grass. My Goal as a photographer is to convey the feeling I had when taking the photo to the person looking at the finished print.


Heidi Lorenz

Goshen, NH  |  Watercolor

Heidi Lorenz, born in Muenchweiler, Germany spent childhood predominantly in the United Kingdom. Magnificent coastline & pastoral countryside enthused sensibilities toward horses, the sea & country. Heidi’s love of art formed early and illustrations in Anna Sewell’s “Black Beauty” shaped initial artistic impressions &  love of horses. Summers were often spent in the United States and then academic periods in the United Kingdom. Early on Heidi would walk several miles in order to visit the “Red House Museum” to witness authentic works of art. As a teenager Heidi traveled further Later came the  original oils by artist Lucy Kemp-Welch at the “Russell-Cotes Museum” & eventually Heidi would encounter  the vast art & cultural scenes of London, Paris, NY & many other cities! Currently, Heidi enjoys farm life in Goshen, NH, USA and shares her farm with her son and his family, a couple horses, several dogs, cats, goats and chickens.  


My art is a representation of my life. It doesn’t matter where I find myself, on the farm, in the countryside, by a city block or scanning a coastline. I’m an enthusiastic painter wanting to capture whatever stirs me; sometimes the simplest objects become radiant subjects simply by the quality of light settled upon them. I paint my pets, critters in the woods, old rickety barns, a bee sucking nectar from a blossom, or a character of interest that happens upon my path. My approach is fairly direct & although I love to draw I rarely overdo any preliminary sketches! I’d call my initial approach a rather relaxed gestural drawing. I work in both oil & watercolor so my technique varies although generally, after a light sketch, I start placing loose blocks of color leaving the light canvas or paper as my lights. In oils I will often lift color off the canvas in order to create lights & midtones.  Brush on & wipe off, back & forth, pushing & shaping the paint, refining as I go, each stroke making clearer my intention of shape & form. Artwork to me is a great puzzle of placing together all this color, texture, tone & value. I love it!


Elisabeth Malloy

Cornish Flat, NH  |  Oil

Elisabeth “Lissa” Malloy is a born explorer and naturalist of her home state, New Hampshire. Born and raised in the lower valley, she explored (and still does) the woods, brooks, and the White Mountains growing up.  Naturally, this spirit is reflected in her art.  Lissa enjoys the atmosphere and interconnections of all existence, and often includes hidden whimsical stories in her work. She finds inspiration from the outdoors, from the moment we round a corner on the trail to the pausing in a glint of light.

Primarily self-taught until college, Lissa has earned two Bachelor’s in both Graphic Design and Drawing with plans to one day work on a master’s degree. She loves exploring mediums, styles, and genres, with a special fondness of working in paint and colored pencil. She has also apprenticed as a tattooist and is currently adding a graphic novel about surviving and healing from domestic abuse to her body of work.

See more of Lissa’s work.


This series features an array of pieces, all created with a contemporary sensibility, from representational to fully abstract including painting, collage, photography and printmaking.

*Note that the art pieces shown are representative of the artists’ work, yet different than the original pieces being created for this project.


Robert K. Carsten

Springfield, VT  |  acrylic + mixed media

A longtime, popular national and international workshop instructor and exhibitions juror, Robert K. Carsten studied at the Art Students League of New York, Rhode Island School of Design and the Accademia di Belle Arti, Italy. He’s authored many articles on art and artists for The Artist’s MagazinePastel JournalPleinAir Magazine, and Watercolor Magazine. Robert’s work in various media has won numerous awards and has been featured in AcrylicWorks 4; AcrylicWorks 7; Pure Pastel; Pure Color/The Best of Pastel; Strokes of Genious/The Best of Drawing, and others.


Unlike a ballad, a work of classical music doesn’t use words to tell a story. Instead, it uses the elements and principles of music composition to convey mood, stir the imagination or invoke memory. Likewise, abstraction, which is termed non-representational art, uses the elements and principles of design to similar end. Colors can evoke emotion, line can induce movement and define edge, tones can induce mood, the interplay of shapes can create rhythmic relationships. With this series of abstract paintings I‘m creating for CSA, I’ve chosen to individually compose each work using an inspirational concept (as indicated by each title on back) — positive, intangible attributes like enrapture, joy, excitement, peacefulness, etc. These form the foundations, acting as springboards for my intuitive, visual expressions.


Community Supported Art

Mary Gerakaris

Canaan, NH   |  photography

Since childhood Mary Gerakaris has been intrigued by detail, patterns and color. In an effort to capture and create an amalgam of her visions, she studied art, photography and graphic design at colleges in Milwaukee and Chicago. Mary has always came back to photography considering it the most honest way to capture what she sees. Mary’s study of composition and color theory strongly informs her photography…she  paints with her camera.

Mary’s work experiences since moving to NH in the early 1970’s have been as a copywriter, catalog designer, therapeutic riding instructor and teacher, but she has never put down my camera. Photography is a passion for her that she considers a form of individual expression.

Mary is fascinated by the naturally occurring colors, textures and exquisite patterns found in both natural and manmade objects. The forms that she sees in her natural surroundings, aging buildings and architectural details give her unlimited sources of inspiration. In her photographs Mary attempts to share her  vision, composing with her camera, and altering color as minimally as possible.


Amber Paris

Putney, VT  |  mixed media

Amber Paris is a Vermont based artist who creates mixed-media work that investigates ideas around belonging and connection. Amber works in a wide range of mediums and her work incorporates several elements that bridge the divide between fine art and craft resulting in a dynamic multi-disciplinary style.  She utilizes rigorous data collection and a style that marries fiber art, painting/drawing, sculptural and bookmaking elements to depict her narrative findings.   Amber received her BFA degree with a concentration in Painting from Tyler School of Art (2005) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She lives in Putney Vermont with her husband and three children. You can find Amber online at amberparis.net.


In this series of topographical maps, Amber utilized a GPS tracking app to record her wanders both on and off trail while in residency at Welcome Hill Studios in Chesterfield NH. Using information from the app, trail maps within the Wantastiquet-Monadnock Corridor and the New Hampshire Fish and Game topographic map archives, she then created this series using layered repurposed fabrics on 140lb cold press paper. She stitched her recorded trails onto these 51 separate maps which fit together to illustrate over 30 miles of hiking in the course of her residency week.


Chris Rollins

Plainfield, NH  |  watercolor, pastel + mixed media

Chris Rollins is an artist and land surveyor. His paintings often involve people or buildings. He paints mostly in watercolor and acrylic, frequently adding pencil and ink. 

He grew up in a small Maine town on the Kennebec River. Like his grandfather, father, uncles and brothers, he worked on the Kennebec Log Drive “picking rear”, sluicing pulpwood, and driving a tugboat.   He has a degree in Forestry and is a self-employed Land Surveyor. Chris lives in Plainfield with his wife, Susan, and their dog, Kirby.

Chris Scott

Newport, NH  |  mixed media collage

Chris Scott – artist, teacher and arts and crafts enthusiast.  Chris has  always made things and drawn since childhood.  She was a quiet kid and spent many happy hours creating fantasy worlds from simple arts and crafts materials. Chris studied fine art (painting and art history) in school, which she jokes qualified her to have many non-art related jobs, but she  always had a studio (even if it was a corner of an apartment) and  always made art. In the late 1980s Chris went back to school to get my master’s degree and  paid for classes working as a teaching assistant where she found her calling. Since that time she has  spent her  career teaching arts and crafts in art centers, schools and in town parks and recreation departments. Chris finds facilitating art and craft experiences for others is superbly satisfying, and notes that often, she finds herself reliving those happy hours of childhood with the participants in her camps and workshops making arts and crafts.  Recently, Chris has begun a series of collaged fantasy animals made from fabric, augmented with paint and colored pencil. These animals represent things that scare and intimidate her, transformed into goofy colorful celebrations of the world around her, she calls them My Monsters.


A caterpillar doesn’t know it will become a butterfly. Butterflies are often thought to represent hope, renewal, transformation and rebirth. Chris chose butterfly specimens to  be a compact reminder to be hopeful, to take excellent care of ourselves, to try new things and to hold outcomes loosely. All the butterflies in this series are made from found paper materials, Chris likes the challenge and the humor of using pre-designed images. These collages are created  using magazines, wall paper samples, and other bits and pieces from the vast supply of pretty paper in her studio. The different textures and sheens of the papers are unified by matte medium which is polymer based and acts as glue, but also gives the pieces a rich, wax-like finish. The sky blue backgrounds gave Chris the opportunity to paint and draw, just a little in this series. Each butterfly in this series has a name with a translation into Latin. This is a nod to the butterfly specimens scientists and hobby enthusiasts collect. Making things is Chris’s greatest joy and she hopes you will enjoy your butterfly as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Pam Smith

Enfield, NH  |  linocut, mixed media + watercolor

Pam Smith is a New Hampshire artist and printmaker. She is an avid gardener and conservationist, and her creative inspiration comes from the natural beauty all around us. Her work ranges from botanical relief prints to whimsical collages and combines traditional printmaking, painting and mixed media. 

Pam’s linocut prints are designed, carved, and pressed by hand at Art Haven Studio in Enfield. She is an artist member of AVA Gallery and the Women’s Caucus for Art, NH, and she sells her work via her Etsy shop and at the Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network (WREN) in Bethlehem, NH. In 2021, she has exhibited her work at Twiggs Gallery, the New Leaf Gallery in Keene, NH, and the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts.


These works focus on original botanical, flora and fauna relief prints using various printmaking techniques combined with mixed media. Pam’s linocuts feature organic lines and bold design elements, and often introduce layers of semitransparent color as an under layer to her prints. Each piece of artwork features a hand-carved, hand-pulled original linocut print, and every piece is unique.


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