Newport Winter Carnival | Ice Sculpture 2022

at Newport's Iconic 106th Winter Carnival
Ice Sculptor Tony Perham

The Library Arts Center welcomes Professional Ice Sculptor Tony Perham to Newport’s 106th Winter Carnival!

Saturday, February 12th  on the Newport Town Common

Art can be found anywhere — from a brushstroke on a canvas to a block of ice!  In celebration of Newport’s iconic 106th Winter Carnival, the Library Arts Center is proud to present the creation of an original ice sculpture during the festivities by professional ice sculptor Tony Perham!  In keeping with the theme of this year’s Carnival, Tony will be creating a lumberjack-themed sculpture from a block of ice.

Tony will be creating the sculpture during the morning hours, and will be finishing up the sculpture between 11:00am-12:00pm.  Arrive sometime after 9:00am to see him in action, and return Saturday afternoon or anytime Sunday to see the completed piece!

Note:  Ice sculpture is a temporary artform!  Be sure to stop by the Common to see the completed sculpture later in the day on Saturday 2/12, or on Sunday 2/13 before it fades away!

About the Artist

Tony Perham  |  Ice + Snow Sculptor

I’ve been sculpting snow professionally for six years. I started in my front yard with my kids. I loved the smiles on the faces passing by. I guess you could say I took to it like a penguin to ice water. 

I competitively sculpt with a team called The Pour Saps. We have attended the US national Snow Sculpting Competition four different years. In 2020 we were national champions. 2021 we received 1st Place, People’s choice and artist vote at the Vermont state qualifier. We are looking forward to going back to nationals in 2022. In addition to the team’s achievements in 2020, I won the “Om” award at the Nationals. This is an award that is given to one person a year that embodies the spirit of the art form. I love the culture and the community, and was honored to receive the award.

I am a self-taught artist that has recently gone freelance. I specialize in collaborating with clients to create Interior or exterior 3-D sculptures. I work with many mediums including concrete, foam, papier-mâché, paper clay, driftwood, snow, ice and recycled items.   

Check out Perham’s other ice and snow creations on his Instagram, and see the exceptional work of his team, the Pour Saps here.  See footage from the team after their National Championship win in early 2020 (!!!) at the Snow Sculpting National Competition on the Today Show here.

Perham (right) with his teammates of Vermont’s “Pour Saps” snow sculpting team at the 2020 National Competition.

One of the “Pour Saps” sculptures in 2021.