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Preserving Newport's Main Street Heritage Mural

Information for Interested Artists:

The Mural Festival will be an incredible celebration of community arts as approximately thirty artists work in teams of two to three to paint 4X12 sections of the Main Street Heritage Mural Reproduction.  This event will take place in large tents on the Newport Town Common on Saturday, June 18th.

Lead artist Heidi Lorenz will have all the line work on the panels which make up the mural, as well as a set palette with pre-mixed colors to get everyone off to a cohesive start with all the basics, then artists can mix and layer from there to get the nuance they are looking for, as time allows.  All paints, brushes, and other materials will be provided.

Heidi will also offer a time before the event, both in person and via Zoom, where artists involved in the project can meet, orient to the project, and prepare for the day’s festivities so everyone feels confident and ready the day of the event.  Reference materials will be provided as well, and Heidi will be available to check in with teams as desired during the event. 

Teams will dig in and get their panels as far as they can within the event.   When artists at the festival put their brushes down at the end of the day, it is OK if panels are not done, in fact it is expected!  From this big one-day start, the panels will be transported to the studio where Heidi will add the finishing layers of paint on the mural to complete and unify the work of so many artists into one 12×36 mural.

The completed mural will be rehung on Newport’s Johnson Block Building this fall in another community celebration.

Above:  Artists helping to restore Newport’s Sunapee Street Mural in the Library Arts Center Studio in 2011.  Photos:  Amanda Perkins

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*All participating artists will work in teams on multi-panel spreads, and will receive full guidance in advance, as well as oversight by the project lead artist.
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Help preserve the Main Street Heritage Mural!

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