Best in Peeps 2023 – “Peeps Winter Carnival” by Kathy Hanson of Goshen, NH

The Library Arts Center is hosting its 12th annual Peeps Diorama Contest in 2023, and the gallery is filled with the iconic marshmallow Easter candies as the stars of nearly 100 unique dioramas on display through April 22nd.

The esteemed Peeps Panel of Judges met to deliberate over the many shoe box entries filling the Library Arts Center Gallery.  This year’s judge panel consisted of Eagle Times Reporter–Dylan Marsh, Newport Economic Development Coordinator–Allison Browning, and Sullivan County Administrative Assistant to the County Manager Sharon Callum.  Deliberations took well over an hour, as judges came to a consensus.

The following are the winners of this year’s contest:

Best in Peeps: Peeps Winter Carnival,” Kathy Hanson, Goshen

The 2023 “Peep-les Choice Award: “The Rainbow Connection” Mal McLaughlin, Sunapee

Special Award – Best Transformation of a Peep:  “The Rainbow Connection”  Mal McLaughlin, Sunapee

Children’s Category:

1 “Pat’s Peep,” Harper Hoglund, age 11, New London
2  “Peep Cup,” Georgia Hersch, age 11, Goshen
3  “Class Party Peep,”  Stella Raye, age 6, Claremont
Honorable Mention – “Top Peep (Top Gun)” Owen Medlin, age 11, Boden Forget, age 10, Sunapee
Honorable Mention – “Peeples Championship”  Patrick Jenkyn, age 6, Grantham
Honorable Mention – “Pride Peeps,” Harper Smith, age 11, Goshen
Honorable Mention – “How I See Apollo 11 Landing on the Moon” Arielle Smith, age 9, Claremont
Honorable Mention – “Peepington Town” Halle Hooper, age 9 and Jasper Hooper, age 8, Newport
Special Award – Best Sports Scene – “Peep-sketball” Chase Bevilacqua, age 10, Newport

Teen Category:

1  “Salem Peep Trials” Nicole Marie Bouchard, Claremont
2  “Deconstruction of Pompeep,” Lily Eagan, Claremont
3  “The Three Little Peeps,” Leah Willis, Sunapee
Honorable Mention – “Trojan Peep” Julia Stapleton, Claremont
Honorable Mention – “The Long-Lived Legacy of Cleopatra” Addison Derosier, Claremont
Honorable Mention –  “Ice Peep Man” Lilliana Clark, Claremont

Family/Group Category:

1  “Chateau de Peep” Max Huot and Bryan Huot, Newport
2  “Stay Puft,” Kirsten Radford, Sunapee, Amelia Greenwood, age 10, Sunapee, and Kyle-Michael McIntyre, Newport
3  “Love is Peeptient,”  Jen Coffey and Ariana H., New London
Honorable Mention – “Life is Good” Emma Rouleau and Mallorie Walter, Newport

Business/Organizations Category:

1  “Take a Peep at Bluebird Sunapee”, Bluebird Sunapee Employees, Newbury 
2  “Hosanna!,” The First Congregational Church of Croydon, UCC, Croydon
3  “Peeping around the Christmas Tree” Balsam Woods Tree Farm, The Baca Family, Newport
Honorable Mention “Molly and the Peep Dress”  Richards Free Library, Newport

Adult Category:

1  “Dr. Frankenpeep” Amanda Wiggins, Sunapee
2  “Leaps and Peeps,” Susanne Stillson, New London
3  “Sarah Jo-Peep-a-Hale,” Pam LaFountain, Newport
Honorable Mention  – “Dr. Peepenstein” Victoria Loring and Philora Loring, Unity
Honorable Mention – “Peepin’ and Jeepin’” Barry Walker, Newport and Missy Gaherty, Springfield
Honorable Mention – “Easter Garden” Sarah Bocko, Newport
Special Award – Newsworthy – “Peep Spy Balloon” Sandy Sonnichsen & Al Howe, Goshen
Special Award – Best Sports Scene – “Titan” Daniel Grace, Claremont

Peeps Dioramas will be on display in the gallery through April 22nd, Tuesday through Friday, 11-4, Saturdays 10-2.   The Library Arts Center is located at 58 North Main Street, Newport, NH.  To find out more about the Library Arts Center and the Peeps Diorama Contest, visit

Peeps Panel of Judges – Dylan Marsh, Allison Browning and Sharon Callum