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Preserving Newport's Main Street Heritage Mural

Get involved!

Yes, that is right.  We need you to join us to bring this restoration to life!  We are looking for all members of the community to join in how they would like, and how they are able.  We are looking for businesses to sponsor, organizations, families and individuals to donate funds to help us make this process possible.  Then, we are looking for volunteers to be involved in the Mural Festival, some as artists, and others as helpers.  We are looking for connections and partnerships that will help bring this mural back to its former beauty, and will help us build and strengthen community in the process.  Please reach out to us to tell us how you would like to be involved, either by filling out the form below, by calling (603-863-3040) or visiting the Library Arts Center.

Tell us about how you’d like to get involved!

Want to help out with the Main Street Heritage Mural Reproduction? Use the form here to let us know how you'd like to get involved.
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*All participating artists will work in teams on multi-panel spreads, and will receive full guidance in advance, as well as oversight by the project lead artist.
*Please feel free to add any relevant information about your experience as an artists and/or links to your website or portfolio.

Help restore the Main Street Heritage Mural!

Find out more about options for donating to this exciting public art preservation project.  Sponsor-a-panel or donate in any amount toward the reproduction effort.

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