Project Benefits

Preserving Newport's Main Street Heritage Mural

Historic Preservation

This mural depicts parts of Newport’s history. Preserving this mural honors that history and brings it into the forefront of our town and community.  A key piece of this reproduction process is a partnership with the Newport Historical Society and volunteer Pam LaFountain who is researching all the imagery depicted in the mural to create comprehensive historical documentation.  This historical information will be available in pamphlet form as well as online where it can be accessed by QR code on signage near the finished mural. 


Public Art

Over the last few years the Library Arts Center has been increasingly involved in community art and public art pieces.  Our involvement in the community does not end at our four walls.  Through the creation of art pieces at the Newport Farmers Market, Community Art Night (which drew hundreds in 2019 to paint birds that hung downtown), to both our sidewalk chalk artist in residence during the Apple Pie Crafts Fair and our ice sculptor in residence at Newport’s Winter Carnival this year, we have engaged hundreds of community members in the creation and celebration of public art. 

This mural reproduction effort amps up the scale of the Library Arts Center’s work in public art and is the next step in bringing more public art to Newport.  Community engagement built in this mural preservation project will usher in a myriad of the Arts Center’s plans for the creation of more large scale public art in Newport.   


Economic Development

Community art is a key tool used in downtown redevelopment across the country. There is no doubt about it, art is an integral step to jumpstarting and furthering community and economic development.  The act of engaging community in art builds pride and ownership while making connections.  Large public art pieces prominently displayed in downtown areas signify a level of vitality, creativity, and pride that adds beauty and energy to an area well beyond the beauty of the art piece alone.  The reproduction of this large-scale public art piece, much like its original creation, is intended to foster economic development. 

By honoring our past in this heritage mural’s imagery, and creating community in our approach to its reproduction, we look to Newport’s future.

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