Key Players

Preserving Newport's Main Street Heritage Mural

The Heritage Mural Reproduction is a true community effort.  Here are the key players helping to make this project possible:

The Library Arts Center – Project Facilitators

The Library Arts Center is taking on the restoration of this heritage mural. We see the value in having this community-created art piece restored to once again grace downtown Newport with its beauty and history.  We will be facilitating the process for this restoration to take place from fundraising, to promotion, to hosting the Mural Festival, to orchestrating volunteers and contracted labor bringing this restoration to life.  The Library Arts Center will be the connector engaging businesses, organizations, and individuals to bring this mural back to its past glory.


Heidi Lorenz – Lead Artist

Heidi will lead the painting of the mural restoration as the Lead Painter of the project.  As the mural is in such disrepair, the panels will all be completely rebuilt and replicated on the new panels.  Heidi comes to this project with abundant mural painting experience, and much work in community arts.  In addition to this project, Heidi is also the newest member of our staff as Community Arts Engagement Facilitator.  Heidi will transfer the line work from each original panel to the new panels, she will replicate the palette from the original mural, and collect as much reference material as possible to accurately recreate the original mural on the new panels.

Nick Scalera – Lead Builder

Nick was the lead builder and one of the artists on the original mural.  As such he is an invaluable member of the team in this restoration.  He is the Lead Builder involved in the project.  Nick will oversee the mural removal and re hanging.  The mural is painted on 36 plywood panels with wooden framework built on the back of them which are hung on wooden strapping attached to the brick building.  Nick will ensure that the panels will be rebuilt and prepared for painting with the highest quality materials possible.  Nick also plans to secure the finished mural with flashing along the edges to help secure it from severe weather. 

The Newport Historical Society and Pam LaFountain

This heritage mural does not have accompanying information about the significance of the pieces depicted within it which limits our understanding and interpretation of the significance of this piece.  With partnership from the Newport Historical Society and volunteer Pam LaFountain, the imagery depicted in the mural is being fully researched and documented and will be made widely and easily available to the public.


About three dozen professional and amateur artists will be involved blocking in the mural panels.  This will all happen at the Mural Festival where these artists will be working in teams to jumpstart the painting on all the panels prepared by lead artist Heidi Lorenz.  Using as much reference material as we can find, the preset pallet and line work set by Heidi, these artists will have a fabulous day of painting these panels as far as they can get them finished in this community day event.  From this point Heidi will finish the mural panels into a cohesive reproduction of the original mural. 

The North Family – Building Owners

Heidi and Jeff North own the building, Newport Fitness, on which this mural is located.  As such, they are the owners of the mural.  The North Family values this community heritage mural on their walls and wants to see it restored for the town to enjoy once again.  They have partnered with the Library Arts Center to ensure the mural can be restored before it is too late.  The Norths are involved in the planning of this project, will be helping with the physical removal and reattachment of the mural panels to their building, and have donated downtown storefront space to be used for the staging and finish painting of the mural.


You!  Our community  How to Get involved:

Yes, that is right. We need you to join us to bring this restoration to life!  We are looking for all members of the community to join in how they would like, and how they are able.  We are looking for businesses to sponsor, organizations, families and individuals to donate funds, if possible, to help us make this process possible.  Then, we are looking for volunteers to be involved in the Mural Festival, some as artists, and others as helpers.  We are looking for connections and partnerships that will help bring this mural back to its former beauty, and will help us build and strengthen community in the process.  Please reach out to us to tell us how you would like to be involved, either by clicking here, or by calling or visiting the Library Arts Center.

Help preserve the Main Street Heritage Mural!

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